Wet Lamination Adhesives

We offer two different grades of Wet Lamination Adhesives. One is the general purpose grade and other special grade especially developed for Folding/Embossing and Creasing applications. Hence, the grades are suitable for;

  • Lamination of Films (BOPP/PET, PVC) or Aluminum Foil etc. to Paper/Duplex Board.
  • Quick Drying, wrinkle-free product, even if aged at 70 to 80 deg Celsius.
  • Superior Bond gives paper-tear or ink transfer on delaminating.
  • Folding/Creasing and Embossing in Cartons and Guttering in Books.

Dry Lamination Adhesives

These glues are both water based and solvent based Dry Lamination Adhesives suitable for machines like Bilhofer, Paper last, Wenchuan etc. In this process, adhesives are applies on the film and dried before lamination by hot nipping under pressure. It is suitable for:

  • Plain Film (BOPP, PET, PVC) to Printed Paper Board.
  • Fast setting/curing, good bonding between Printed surfaces to film.
  • It is Odorless.
  • Suitable for high speed machines (50 mtr. /min.)
  • On line slitting can be done in the application of film to printed paper/board using dry lamination.
  • No change in ink shades on lamination.
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