GRAPHIC ARTS Supplies a full range of washes with property combinations that include fast, medium or slow drying and water miscible or non-water miscible. Washes are available for manual use, in automatic systems and for the removal of conventional as well as UV inks.


Automatic Blanket & Roller Washes Manual Blanket & Roller Washes Specialized Cleaners & Damper Washes Plate Cleaners, Positive Plate Developer & Plate Care Fount Solutions Prisco Alcohol Replacement Additives Product Approvals Blanket and Roller Maintenance.


We offer two types fountain solutions for a wide spectrum of applications. Sheet fed fountain solutions for printing with reduced IPA dosage or even totally alcohol free are developed to work with every plates on the market.

Specific fountain solutions are manufactured for high speed newspaper and heat set presses. For small presses, big presses, printing at low speed, printing at high speed, sheet fed or rotation.

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